About Us: Charlivari Studio

What is Charlivari Studio?

Charlivari Studio is a student team composed by 6 video game students from Cnam-Enjmin (Angoulême, FRANCE).

Monstronome is our first year project which lasted 3 months (March-June 2020).

Our studies

We're learning video game development at Cnam-Enjmin, a french public video game school which offers a Master's Degree in six different specialities (Game Design, Programming, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Management and Ergonomics).

For the first year project, our goal is to create an interactive experience as a small team in three months.

Exceptionally this year, because of the pandemic, we had to work from home instead of being together in an open space, which gave us a whole new challenge to come though.

This is the context in which we developped Monstronome.

Meet the team!


Producer & Project Manager

I worked on the project management and online communications, on both Monstronome and a second student project: Our Walls' Story

Wissam AZZI

Game Designer & 3D Artist

I worked on the mechanics and controls of the game, the worldbuilding, the environment, 3D props and UI Design. I also helped for the planification management.

Personal website: https://wissam-azzi.webnode.fr/


2D & 3D Artist

I worked on the Character Design and 3D models of the Instrumonsters, the public and also communication art (logo, title, poster and goodies)


Game Programmer

I coded the entire game in Unity, worked on the VR gameplay problematic, helped with versionning support for the team and worked with Wissam and Terry on the Game Design implementation, questionning and proposing ideas.

Personal website: https://antoninherrero.com/


Sound Designer & Composer

I composed the adaptative orchestral track of the game, offering various parameter to modify it, and also worked on the Sound Design with Wwise, to make the game concept a reality. I also help on the Game Design by proposing ideas.

I am an external member that joined the school a year after the rest of the team. I was recruited to help them for 3D Animations. I also helped them with the scene lighting and some environmental assets and props.