What is Monstronome?

A VR Musical Management Game

Monstronome is what we call a music management game: your goal is to conduct a concert in the best way possible, adjusting musical parameters when needed.

This is also a Virtual Reality game: you are immerged into the greatest building of Metronopolis, the Monstronomic Tower, where the concert takes place. With your headset and controllers, you must use motion controls to aim and make the right moves. 

Three ways to play

You've read it, Monstronome proposes three play modes!

The Tutorial, which is the rehearsal of the concert, where you learn progressively how to interact with your orchestra.

The Play Mode, which is the essential gameplay of Monstronome. This is the commemorative concert, where you must understand as fast as possible what you must do to help your orchestra and give them instructions during the whole execution as you're judged by the public.

The Free Mode, this is an extension of the gameplay where you can play with the musical parameters of your orchestra as you want, like a toy.

A great take on adaptative music

In Monstronome, we worked to give the player a feeling of control over his musician monsters, allowing him to put himself in the shoes of a real conductor in a quirky universe.

By choosing to work with Wwise audio middleware and MIDI, we have access to the parameters of the music we want to play. The music change dynamically during the concert based on your movements or the potions you throw.

Keep control of each note played by interacting with the following parameters:

  • Speed: The instrumentalists can play the music with a tempo ranging from 45 to 140 bpm! Speed up or slow down the tempo as you wish.
  • Articulation: 3 types of articulation available. The legato, your orchestra will link the notes together. The staccato will stage the strings scrubbed but also the heroic flights. The pizzicato, pinched strings and lightness.
  • Nuance: You have control over the intensity of your orchestra by deciding to play according to 3 intensities, pianissimo (low intensity), mezzo forte (medium intensity), fortissimo (high intensity).
  • Decide which instrument plays the main theme of the music. Flute, violin, brass or a percussion solo, there are many possible combinations.
  • Cacophony on the families of instruments you need to correct. Be quick, save your ears and those of the audience from cacophony!

A strong and polished Visual Universe

Monstronome offers a lot of visual assets that we developped with care :

  • Four families of Instrumonsters with five play animations each
  • A great set of various potions with reactive liquid and a shatter mecanic.
  • Props and decor inspired by the 1950's era and French Art Déco.
  • VFXs, feedback and signs to guide the Player and enhance the experience.
  • A city and setting based on a precise Worldbuilding about what happened before in the Monstronomic Universe